A few words about us

Helping small business compete in today’s changing environment.

Providing  the IT expertise that your company does not have, we become a member of your team and act in your interest. 

As you would expect we handle problems  with internet connections, website, company network, computers, monitors, printers, Wi-Fi, or email.

We are able to provide you with experts in cabling, phone systems, website link building, search engine optimization, search engine marketing.

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Our advantages

  • 1.We are a local IT company providing you with onsite or remote services. You get to meet the people who will be working on your IT problems. We currently work with companies in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Glendale.
  • 2.We understand small business issues. We know you do not have an unlimited budget for outside services and IT equipment purchases.  We will work with you to solve your IT issues at the lowest cost, while still providing a long term solution.
  • 3.In most cases service requests are handled next day. We try to schedule most support requests for the next business day. This includes  things like software installs, e-mail issues, and printer setup. A request that require new equipment or software may require up to a week, if the items have to be ordered.
  • 4.Same day service is available. Depending on our work schedule, where you are, and what needs to be done.  We may be able to be there the same day or we may be able to work on your problem remotely. Some activities may occur after hours if we have made prior arrangements with the business.
  • 5.Emergency and off-hours service is available. If you have an emergency give us a call. We will evaluate the problem and let you know how fast it can be done.

Main services list

  • Managed IT services
  • Day to day IT services
  • IT advisory services
  • Computer installation & upgrades
  • Program installation
  • Printer installation
  • Malware / Spyware / Virus removal
  • Cloud Services management

Additional services

  • Internet Marketing SEO and SEM
  • Web site & application development
  • Social Media
  • Data recovery - not requiring a clean room
  • Google Business Apps management
  • Office 365 email management