Business IT Support & Solutions

Our team of well-trained experts, provide first-hand information, support and a technical advantage when working to fix an IT issue.

Business IT Services AZ utilizes several troubleshooting techniques supporting their rise to the top in IT support.

With this ever-changing and growing flow of technology, we are a fast growing IT Support company supplying high-quality repair service and top-notch customer support. Whether business_man_270_200it is a single computer or a complete office network, customers can have confidence in the group of specifically trained technicians at Business IT Services AZ to efficiently and quickly repair and service a wide range of computer equipment and perform services such as the removal of malicious viruses.

Technicians are not limited to just repair work; they can also build computers and servers from the ground-up and supply VPN connections for customers. As technology gets to be more complicated, it is comforting to know that a team of professionals focused on customer service and high-quality PC repair is ready and willing to help.

They offer User-friendly support for small businesses having technical issues with electronic devices. The technical support team consists of people who are acquainted with the ins and outs of a device. With this knowledge, they're able to troubleshoot most issues that a user experiences. Information regarding how to reach technical support is provided on our website. Technical support might be provided in person, over the phone, via e-mail, or having a live chat interface.


We do the following:

  • Networks: Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Microsoft web servers, domain controllers, file servers and email servers. Installation and configuration of firewall routers and pass thru ports for phone, tablet or computer access to in building video security systems.
  • Internet access: Computer connection issues and Router configuration to allow authorized traffic to and from your business. We offer Installation of proxy servers and troubleshooting issues with connecting to the internet and analysis of connection speed issues.
  • Computers: System setup, Repairs, and replacement of failed components, System upgrades, Limited data recovery from dead systems, Program installations, setting up remote access to your office computer from your home or tablet. E-mail install and configuration
  • System issues: Removal of Spyware, Adware, Malware and Browser popups. Planning and configurations keeping your data safe in the event of a ransomware and encryption infection.
  • Cell phones: Connection to in house mail servers, Connection to commercial email services.
  • E-mail: E-mail server installation and configuration. In-house exchange servers, Godaddy email, Google business apps and email, Microsoft office 365 email and exchange servers. Desktop and phone e-mail connections, Configuration and management of spam filtering tools
  • Printers: Install and connect local and networked printers. (wired or wireless).


If you have any IT problem and you need IT support, Business IT Services AZ is here for you.

We will connect your computers through a wired or wireless network, we'll configure a system to keep the data safe on all these computers and we will upgrade or will optimize your system if it is running slow. Our Experts will  fix your IT problems, regardless of where you bought your systems, and take care of your IT issues.