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Your network technology is crucial. You need a technology partner who'll be along with you in the initial planning phases to the daily monitoring and management of one's network.

Business IT Services offers computer network services for small and medium business. Whether you'll need a simple network for your new business to share printers and Internet access or perhaps a robust, fault-tolerant and safe setup for the more established business, we can

Business IT Services is a complete service consulting and outsourcing company that makes use of technology to enhance business procedures or solve issues for the customers. This consists of all aspects of what an internal Information Technology (IT) or Information Systems (IS) department would do. We focus on supplying the total range of services an IS or IT department would offer to small businesses that don't have or don't wish to staff employees by themselves to cover these functions.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Router setup and configuration: Connection and configuration of your router to your internet service provider. Setup the router to allow port pass-thru for monitoring of security cameras from your phone, tablet or computer. Blocking ports used by infected computers sending out spam, keeping your internet address off of the spammer lists.


  • Server installation: Install server hardware and connect to your network. Install and configure server operating systems, including setting the server up for whatever role it will have on your network. For example - it might be a mail server, file server, domain controller, SQL database server, DHCP or DNS server.


  • Server management and security configuration: Setting up your Firewall to let you in but keep the bad guys out. Set up Domain name services, DNS, so your computers can find each other and the internet. Configure DHCP that will assign computers, phones and tablets the information needed to find and use information on your network and the internet. Set up Exchange E-Mail server and spam and virus filtering capability and Domain user management. Domain computer management and Patch management, Network Attached Storage (NAS) install and configure. Including joining the NAS to a domain or workgroup and setting up security access groups, also working with wired or wireless networks and point to point wireless.


  • Data backup and recovery: Local backups to network attached storage or devices attached to the computer.


  • Cloud backups – save your information to offsite storage facilities.


Business IT Services is here because small businesses require and deserve the same advantages from current technologies and systems that large companies get. Business IT Services is devoted to assisting you and your employees focus on the main objective of your business, while they maintain your computers and network operating smoothly.

If you have any kind of questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Business IT Services. It doesn't matter in the event you have existing computers and systems in place that just require continuing maintenance, or if you're starting with nothing and wish a whole technology solution built in the ground up, can help. So visit or call at 480-781-0101.